“Wow!  You really did re-invent the wheel!”  – Dan G.


“This has been a great addition to our farm.  It will carry hay, grain, manure, whatever I put in it, and it rolls over everything.”  – Mark E.


“Without the metal wheel guard out front, I feel it is safer around my horses.  That’s why I bought one.”  -Wendy Z.


“I couldn’t believe how easy it rolled through our stables.  We have some young riders who board their horses here.  Cleaning out the stalls and moving manure can be a real challenge when you’re only 120 pounds.  They love the new OverEasy” – Gary O.


“I load it with dirt until it is heaping and the OverEasy keeps on rolling just like it should!”  – Joe C.


“This has been a huge addition to our landscaping business. Less work and effort for the crew means higher productivity and profit.” – Bill R.


“My yard is uneven with sandy areas.  I can haul wood, flowers, dirt, anything I want in my OverEasy.  It doesn’t stop.”  – Jeanie B.


“I pour concrete for a living.  In the past year, I’ve crashed over my loaded wheelbarrow 3 times because the guard hit the bottom of the hill I was going down.  The last time it happened I injured my back and was laid up for a week.  The way the OverEasy tilts up (oscillates) there is no way this will happen again.”  – Randy W.


“I don’t use a wheelbarrow, but this is one of the coolest inventions I’ve ever seen!”  – Phil B.

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