Our Company


-Dad and Me -1974-

George, the namesake of our company, was a tinkerer.   He was a handyman and craftsman.  He was a “do-it-yourselfer” because he could.  He was a collector and inventor.  He built several utility trailers, boat trailers, a camper we call “Ol’ Yeller”, a dune buggy, a go-cart, a cabin (accurately called “The Shack”) and many other one of a kind creations for his family.  Without him and his ability to imagine and create, the OverEasy™ wouldn’t exist.

George was my best friend and most importantly my dad.  I approached him in the spring of 2015 with the idea of bringing some of his creations to market.  After a father-son talk and a long neck toast, we formed our venture partnership.  I suggested the name of the company and in a classic dad response, he said “Whatever”.  A few years and countless prototypes, trials and revisions later, the OverEasy™ is now ready to roll!

Sadly, Dad left us in the summer of 2016 after battling cancer. While in the hospital, in an attempt to cheer him up and keep him motivated, I handed him a list of “To-do’s” for when he got well.  Ahead of restoring his ’51 Chevy, his Cushman motor-scooter, and fixing up the Shack, he marked a check next to “Get a ride in an OverEasy wheelbarrow on Lake Michigan beach”.  This venture was a passion for both of us, but until then I didn’t realize how important it was to him.  I’m certain he’s watching all of this from heaven, smiling and proud to see our dream come to fruition.

We did it Dad!  Thank You!