Get Over It!
The Single Greatest Improvement to the Wheelbarrow...Since the Wheel!


The OverEasy™ began with an idea, was transformed into steel, and through numerous prototypes was improved and perfected!  ByGeorgeWheelSystems,LLC is now proud to introduce to you the easiest rolling wheelbarrow ever offered!

Hauls Firewood

“We use the OverEasy™ to haul firewood at our cabin.  Even with a full load, it rolls over sticks, bumps, hills, and even a small stump in the trail.”  -PM

Horse Manure

“We board horses at our farm.  Mucking stalls is a daily chore and the OverEasy™ makes it easy.  The uneven ground of a barnyard is no problem.”  -GO


“‘No way” was my response before he rolled the OverEasy™ up the stairs.  ‘No way!’ was my response after he showed me.”  -KB

I've Never...

“I’ve been doing landscaping my whole life and I’ve never seen a wheelbarrow that can do what the OverEasy™ does.” -RG