"Get Over It!" with the OverEasy
The Single Greatest Improvement to the Wheelbarrow...Since the Wheel!


The OverEasy™ began with an idea, was transformed into steel, and through numerous prototypes was improved and perfected!  We’re certain you will agree that the OverEasy™ from ByGeorgeWheelSystems will make your wheelbarrow easier than ever to…


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Hauls Firewood

“We use the OverEasy™ to haul firewood at our cabin.  Even with a full load, it rolls over sticks, bumps, hills, and even a small stump in the trail.”  -PM

Horse Manure

“We board horses at our farm.  Mucking stalls is a daily chore and the OverEasy™ makes it easy.  The uneven ground of a barnyard is no problem.”  -GO


“‘No way” was my response before he rolled the OverEasy™ up the stairs.  ‘No way!’ was my response after he showed me.”  -KB

I've Never...

“I’ve been doing landscaping my whole life and I’ve never seen a wheelbarrow that can do what the OverEasy™ does.” -RG